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Honor Team Member Spotlight: Loran Oisten

Since the fall of 2022, Loran Oisten has served as a Project Coordinator for Honor Construction. Her path to working in the industry started in college where she studied Interior Design and learned how to do architectural drawings by hand with a pencil and drafting table. She broke into the field when she was hired at a friend’s construction company as an assistant to the Project Coordinator. From there, she grew her skills, picking up on all the lingo, learning to read architectural prints, forming new relationships, and taking on additional roles. Soon, she fell for all things construction.

At Honor, Loran handles a number of tasks, from answering emails and checking Procore for change events and submittals, to sending out waivers through DocuSign. She also does physical and digital filing and offers support to others in the office. What she most appreciates about working at Honor is the work-family atmosphere and BOLD coffee in the breakroom.

When Loran meets someone who’s interested in getting into the construction industry, she advises them to just dive in! “There are so many different avenues in the field,” she says. “You can try them all until you find what you are passionate about. Don't hold back just because you don’t fit the stereotype; I certainly didn't in previous roles and I am better for it.

At home, Loran enjoys being creative and working with power tools. From wood craft projects to home improvement projects, she’s always working on her house.

Loran loves her coffee strong enough that you should be able to smell it from another room. She embellishes her cup of joe with a little cream and sugar.


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