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Honor Team Member Spotlight: Pat Schmidt

Pat Schmidt has been an Assistant Estimator for Honor Construction since the summer of 2022. He worked as an apprentice carpenter for his Dad from a young age, and that’s what led him to his role today.

Part of Pat’s days are spent estimating, which involves dissecting drawings, setting up estimates, writing project manuals, calling the trades, and shadowing a senior employee. Other times, he’s working in the field, finding trades to complete tasks, uploading important documents, and learning all he can from the trades and Honor’s superintendents. This flexibility, of being an estimator one day and in the field the next, is what he likes most about Honor, though he also likes the company culture.

When it comes to advice for those wanting to break into the construction field, he says “You don't need to know every bit of information about the industry, just make sure you know how you can find the answer.”

Away from work, he enjoys hockey, golf, and hunting, as well as doing outdoor activities with his wife and his dog.

Pat’s beverage of choice, he jokes, is coffee—but hold the beans! Water is his go-to drink throughout the day.


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