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Honor Construction was founded in 2009 to alleviate concerns many companies encounter when working with larger construction management firms. Though we’ve grown and restructured since then, we still remain lean and flexible, and able to provide the personal experience that makes all the difference to our clients.


Our team builds relationships, not just buildings. You’re our priority and so is getting to know you—whether it’s your favorite band, restaurant, vacation spot, or beverage order. We’ve made it our primary desire to eliminate overhead and headaches, too, yet still deliver big firm results.



Business owners are often at a disadvantage when working with a contractor, thanks to industry jargon that can be convoluted and confusing. What makes Honor different is that we act as your owners’ representative and ambassador and, more importantly, your advocate. We explain the jargon and the shoptalk to ensure you fully understand the process and the project, while also monitoring your budget, maximizing protection from contractor default and litigation, and more. As project managers, we ensure a complete, quality project from start to finish. We plan, coordinate, and oversee—so you don’t have to. Let us do the heavy lifting. 


Whether it’s residential, industrial, office, or retail, development is one of the most rewarding and impactful services experienced construction professionals can provide. In a downtown setting or out in the suburbs, real estate development — when done correctly, can help bring change and progress to any area in need. The challenge is there is nothing easy about development—and without the right level of experience or a strong professional network, it can be especially challenging.  Our Development Services arm, known as 1025 Development, has the expertise and reach to help clients who wish to develop a piece of real estate execute that vision.

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