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Honor Team Member Spotlight: Tom Kribs

Tom Kribs has served as Controller for Honor Construction since the summer of 2022. His previous experience was in manufacturing and banking, and, being new to the industry, he still feels there is much to learn.

Tom knows how to take initiative, though, and he recommends anyone interested in the field of construction do the same. “There are many resources available that can help you gain knowledge and experience,” he says. “But, you have to put the first foot forward.”

In his role at Honor, Tom spends his days sifting through details to ensure that subcontractor bills are properly categorized into the accounting system. On the revenue side, he focuses on allocating income from projects into the appropriate periods.

What Tom likes most about Honor is that he works with great people who have a vision of how to succeed at delivering on promises.

Outside of work, he enjoys running, and for his morning cup of coffee, he takes it black and strong.


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