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How it Started and How it’s Going…

How Restructuring Has Kept Honor and Our Clients Thriving

Honor Construction was founded in 2009, initially as a renovation contractor serving the hospitality and warehousing markets. At the time, restaurants and breweries were hot in West Michigan, as were office buildings and medical facilities. Though we chased a lot of these markets, distribution centers were the bulk of Honor’s revenue in those early days. A number of changes have occurred since then, as all of us have witnessed—whether we’re in the construction business or not! Before our eyes, we’ve watched the office market dwindle to near nothing and, unfortunately,

seen restaurants continue to struggle.

Meanwhile, light industrial has increased and the need for market rate housing has skyrocketed—especially in our region. Cannabis has also entered the picture and, with all of those factors, the industry we knew 10 years ago has morphed into something completely different. But that’s not to say we were surprised by it. Honor has always remained on top of trends and market shifts, as well as changes to client needs.

It quickly became evident that we needed to restructure into three branches: Development, Project Management, and Construction.

This expected transition came as clientele began requesting services earlier, and also required high-level project oversight in addition to our steady Construction Management services. We followed our great relationships and client needs to these departments.

We knew that this is what we needed to do, but we didn’t necessarily have all of the talent and experience on staff to take us there. We spent some time developing those areas, and growing our team to fill in the knowledge gaps. Bringing Jeff Royce on—with his 20+ years of high-rise, big-city development experience—elevated us to a mature market player in West Michigan.

We’ve since realized how this restructuring brings apparent and clear value to clients with development needs. It has also, in turn, strengthened our Construction services. Our experience and the strong team we’ve built leads us to providing Project Management for so many clients who need an advocate for their larger, longer-duration projects.

In the end, this restructuring allows Honor to support projects and clients earlier—and create relationships and provide advocacy to progress in this tricky and complex building environment.

Amid all this change, our mission has been steadfast: “To build with honor and integrity; simplifying construction. Recognizing the value of relationships and their role in creating balanced success.”

We’re proudly veteran owned, and we’re here to partner with you in the areas of commercial construction, development, and project management.Contact us today to get started!


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