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Honor Team Member Spotlight: Jeff Royce

Jeff Royce has served as Partner of Honor Construction and Victory Development Group since March, 2022. Previously, Jeff worked for an environmental construction company in Atlanta, providing design/build services for groundwater and soil remediation systems throughout the country.

When asked to describe “a day in the life” in his role, Jeff says, “Real estate development and construction are so unique to each project— there is nothing typical about any day! This is one of the many reasons why this industry is so much fun.” For others interested in getting into construction, Jeff recommends making sure one really likes the field, as well as finding a company that empowers you to learn and grow, all while granting you the independence to do your job without micromanagement.

At Honor, Jeff likes interacting with clients and colleagues the best; he believes Brad Laackman, CEO, has done an incredible job of hiring talented, passionate professionals who are equally as fun to be around.

When not at work, Jeff enjoys all things family. He takes his coffee hot and black because “there’s no need to ruin a good cup of coffee with anything else!”


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