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Honor Team Member Spotlight: Matt Elgersma

Superintendent and Project Manager for Honor Construction since the summer of 2022, Matt Elgersma loved building as a kid—though he never thought he’d do it for a living. He started his professional life in social work, but transitioned to carpentry when a friend introduced him to the field in early 2015.

At Honor, Matt spends his days handling onsite visits with contractors, having meetings with owners/architects, and following up with processing RFIs, change orders, and schedules. He appreciates that Honor is innovative and is able to make changes quickly. Everyone is treated equally and as a valuable member of the team, he says, and that new ideas are listened to and acted on, when they present a better solution.

When asked what leads to success in the construction industry, he says, “Don't be afraid to ask questions; if you think you know it all, you don't.”

Outside of work, he likes spending time with his wife and three daughters or playing golf and disc golf with his friends.

He takes his morning coffee hot, and prefers a breakfast blend.


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