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Winter Conditions: Perfect for Construction

Capital construction projects in Michigan are constantly negotiating with unforgiving weather— the duration of it takes to complete a project pushing on the milestone dates that investors need to hit.

“We need to open in April to get the most bang-for-our-investment buck!”

“Working through the winter will cost so much!”

“Don’t construction people fly South for the winter?”

Like most of construction, planning should be the first 50% of effort. If done correctly, the second half runs smooth. Why? It is a mix of a cost estimation with weighing of lost revenue versus winter premiums. Some facts to debunk the fallacies:

  • Winter work is slower, yes. Estimated at 10% slower depending on the type of work. On the other hand, labor pricing can come at a discount as trades enjoy keeping busy throughout the “slow” winter.

  • Before the frost settles into the ground, get that earthwork completed. Watch for state mandated Frost Laws (weight restrictions to protect our beautiful highway pavement) when looking to transport heavy debris or raw materials in the springtime.

  • Concrete, masonry, and roofing can happen in the weather. Most of this cost will be in heating and temporary enclosures. Some additional costs may be involved with the concrete admixture (chemical additives depending on environment) premiums. However, if planned carefully, this can be a great asset in getting that flatwork and foundations completed.

These are just a few lessons learned in Michigan construction by Honor. Don’t let winter weather put your construction plans on hold—Seek out the optimal time to open your apartments or restaurant and we’ll find a way to get you there. We find opportunity in adversity, and innovation in chaos. Contact us today to discover how we can help you.


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