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Supply Chain Challenges Part II

As discussed in our last post, supply chain issues continue to impact nearly every industry in the world. At Honor, we’ve been working with our clients to combat these challenges, staying agile, as the scenario changes daily. A few ways we do this is by keeping our relationships with our vendors close, staying in consistent communication with them, and educating ourselves on any trends as they arise so we can find alternate materials and/or substitutions for items that may currently be or will become scarce.

With all of this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of items that have been consistently hard to get our hands on:

  • Doors and Hardware (Backorder wait time: ~8-16 weeks)

    • Solid wood doors, depending on factory finish and or type: 8-16 weeks

    • Hardware/frame, depending on the item: 4-10 weeks

  • Casework/Countertops (Backorder wait time: ~11-15 weeks)

    • Shop drawings: 2 weeks

    • Shop drawing approval to delivery of base cabinets: 6-8 weeks

    • Stone countertops, from templating to after cabinet installations: 3-5 weeks

  • Windows/Glass & Aluminum (Backorder wait time: ~2-18 weeks)

    • Shop drawings: 2-3 weeks

    • From shop drawing approval to delivery, depending on type and size: 8-18 weeks

  • Electrical (Backorder wait time: ~4-16 weeks)

    • Lighting – Varying greatly depending on fixture type and quantity: 4-16 weeks

    • Electrical Panels – Most panels, depending on size (6-12 weeks)

In addition to the ongoing complications with supply chains, there are two other factors at play, complicating things further: labor shortage and increasing gas prices.


With so many projects delayed from the start of the pandemic, industries are navigating the pent-up demand for projects needing to be completed.

Almost every trade we know has filled up their entire summer schedule and soon will have booked the remainder of their year.

Gas Prices

No one is unfamiliar with the burden gas prices have placed on individuals, families, companies and more. From nails, concrete, masonry, lumber, etc.— anything requiring fuel to make or transport, is expected to go up in cost at least 5-10% over the next few months.

Rest assured— we continue to closely monitor these challenges and will communicate our take and how we can help, the best we can. Above all else, remember to plan ahead of delays and order materials as soon as possible.

If you’re curious about how we are aiding our clients and how we can help your project manage the supply chain issues, we encourage you to get in touch with us here.

Found this information helpful? Download our Supply Backorder Wait Times Infographic.

Honor Supply Chain 2022 Infographic
Download • 74KB

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