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In Like a Lion: Welcome 2021

As I have mentioned previously, snow is less concerning than the severe cold temperatures. Delays of concrete curing, masonry setting, drywall mud setting up, and other finish issues come to delay progress. All these issues are manageable with planning, schedule float and some one time (tenting, blanketing, etc.) and some continuous (heat fuel, admixtures, etc.) costs. Over the last 10 years, Honor has become very proficient at risk mitigation. The lessons we’ve learned and the best practices we now put into place bring immense value to our clients.

Now more than ever, Honor's ability to plan (as best as possible) for the unforeseen conditions that inherently come with construction is what continues to make us a competitive and reliable choice.

Another concern moving into this new year is material costs in our global economy. The fragility of trade agreements around the world has led to challenging scarcity in some products. Basic LED light fixtures, basic building accessories, lumber, drywall, and control electrical components have become longer lead time items. This is due to a confluence of scarcity, high demand, and global economic strains. We combat these issues with multiple smart sourcing, pre-purchasing and value alternatives.

Honor has taken the time in 2020 to sharpen our pencil and ready processes to execute accurately, on time and on budget for our clients. We are excited to get started on the previously-postponed projects. We are excited to continue our established partnerships and form new relationships in this year.

A happy and prosperous new year to us all!

Brad Laackman

Honor CEO & President


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