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How Honor Uses Technology to Create a Better Client Experience

When businesses choose a construction company to build their project, they often choose between using a small or large company. Go with a larger company, benefit from their greater access to resources; go with a smaller company, get a more individualized approach. With Honor, you have the best of both worlds. In part, because we’ve embraced technology to make our work more streamlined, efficient, and transparent. By harnessing this power, we can flex like the big guys, but also work with you on a more personal level.

Our platform of choice for project management is Procore—and it not only makes everything run more smoothly for us internally, it also enhances our clients’ experience throughout the entire project timeline.

Let’s look at some of the ways that tapping into this technology makes us more successful and improves our outcomes.

You choose your engagement level. Some clients want to be informed of every detail—with daily updates and a continuous flow of progress photos. Others favor more high-level involvement. One of our first steps when starting a new project is to learn your communication preferences, so you can plug in when you want to, or tune out when you need to focus on other priorities. Because Procore is so robust, we can tweak your permissions to give you the outlook you want.

There’s a chronicle of the job, from start to finish. This is helpful for us and for you. It tells the story of the project, and allows us to reference important information, whether it’s questions asked, verifications of drawings, updates on drawings, or decision about placements. This record is accessible even years down the road and can help inform similar projects and forecast potential barriers, or help us troubleshoot if an issue arises with a current project.

Everything is in one place. For us, Procore does it all, from helping us write estimates in the early stages, to managing the project along the way. It offers cloud-based file sharing and it houses all of our signed contracts and insurance certificates as well. It even supports certain aspects of accounting, such as maintaining timesheets for our staff. Rather than needing several different applications, which is costly both monetarily and in productivity, we’re able to use Procore almost exclusively for all elements of our work. We joke here at Honor that if it’s not in Procore, it didn’t happen. It’s true!

Communication is a homerun. Owners, builders, and subcontractors alike will tell you that communication is one of the most critical pieces of a construction project. Through Procore, we keep everyone engaged. Owners are kept abreast of schedules and can see a project’s progress through photos. Subcontractors can get answers more quickly and access key points in the decision-making process.

Hey, wait, is this just an ad for Procore?

No, they aren’t paying us to say all of these nice things! What this is really about is demonstrating our commitment to process and professionalism. A tool like Procore is typically used by much larger entities than ourselves, but we see the value it brings our clients. It’s allowed us to be a more progressive company, showed us what’s possible, and opened us up to evolving and running with trends—and that has made all the difference.


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