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How Do We Find Clients

Busy seasons can feel like go, go, go, and then suddenly you’re left with completed projects and an open schedule. Whether you’re an established company or just starting out, there will be times where you need to actively seek out new work. Our team has put together a few strategies that we’ve used to find new clients and build relationships within our community.

Be Active Online

Step out of the job site and into the digital world – that’s where new customers, opportunities, and growth can be found. It takes work and strategy, but having an online presence can pay off in brand awareness, building trust, and booking actual clients.

Create a cohesive website that showcases your past work, lists what you’re best at, and explains who you are (and why they should work with you over the competition). Include your contact information so potential clients know exactly how to reach you.

Utilize social media to share about your past and current projects, who you are, and direct people back to your website. Share reviews from past clients, helpful articles, and photos that showcase your work. Focus on building an audience, sharing high-quality content, and getting your name in front of people.

Grow Your Relationships

Marketing online can be a helpful tool, but word-of-mouth advertising is a tried and true method that can still be effective (especially among industry peers). Ask your past customers for referrals, connect with local businesses outside of the construction industry, and build relationships with other contractors and tradesmen that can connect you with potential clients.

Share Your Knowledge

Your knowledge, experience, and expertise are valuable, and you can use it to help your customers and your bottom line. Share some of your industry wisdom on your social media channels, in a blog, or create short videos talking about a specific topic. Have a leader from your team join a professional organization in your area and book speaking gigs. Giving away free tips and advice can build trust with your audience over time. If you help potential clients with their small DIY projects, they’re more likely to turn to your company to assist with bigger projects.

If you’re in need of new clients for this season or next, these are a few strategies that you can utilize to reach new audiences and fill your schedule. Keep in mind that these aren’t “get clients quick” suggestions. These strategies take time, but we can speak from personal experience that they are worth it!


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