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Honor Team Member Spotlight: Nate Darland

Nate Darland has been a part of the Honor team as the Superintendent/Project Manager for the past six years. He got his start in the industry working in residential construction right out of college, and he’s never looked back. One of his favorite parts of his job is the ability to work on different types of projects. His typical day includes coordinating and scheduling subcontractors for multiple projects.

Ready to jump into the construction industry? Nate’s advice is to gain experience where you can. He says, “I would highly recommend working/volunteering in the field to better understand the processes of construction before trying to take on management types of roles.”

When he’s not overseeing our clients’ projects, you can find Nate fishing, hunting, and watching his kids’ sporting activities. His morning coffee is a classic black brew (with an occasional dash of creamer).


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