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Honor Team Member Spotlight: David Laughter

David is Honor’s Associate Partner/Chief Estimator. He started his career in construction after attending Colorado State University for Construction Management. Why did David choose construction as his career?

“I followed this career path because my father was an architect, mother was an interior designer, and my grandfather was a civil engineer. I would say it's just in my DNA to love building and construction in general.”

His piece of advice for someone considering a career in construction is to “always tell people construction management is a never-ending education in construction.” David goes on to say “never think you know everything, always ask questions, admit when you don't know something—you will be an amazing employee to anyone.”

When he’s not juggling his many responsibilities at work, you can find him at home with his family (and two new babies) or out on the golf course. His go-to coffee in the morning? “Strong, with cream and chocolate syrup. As a new dad, I need all the sugar and caffeine I can get!”


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