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Generating Quality Leads

Having a strong online presence as a small business is key to attracting new clients, generating leads, and seeing a tangible ROI on your digital efforts. At this point, no industry is exempt from the need of an online presence— whether that’s a website, social media profile, email list, or a mix of all three.

Because of the significant ROI potential, we make sure to prioritize our social media channels and website. We’ve had leads who have landed on our website, peeked at our portfolio, and sent us a request for a quote because they saw projects we’ve completed in their industry. We’ve received messages and established connections we would never have had without our website. When we meet potential clients, we’re confident in directing them to our website because we know it’s a great representation of Honor Construction as a whole.

Speaking from our experience, we have a few key tips to help your construction business generate more leads directly from your website. You don’t have to be a marketing pro to put these tips into practice!

Include A Clear Call To Action (CTA)

First and foremost, your website should not be confusing, cluttered, or extremely outdated. It should be user-friendly and communicate who you are and what you do as clearly as possible. It should also include a clear CTA throughout your site pages— this could be a button or link that says Contact Us, Get A Quote, Find More Information, Email Our Team, Tell Us About Your Project, etc. You want to effectively guide people toward the action you want them to take— which first means connecting with your team.

Use Keywords

Using keywords throughout your website will help boost your ranking on Google (hint, you want to be on the first page). If you have a website developer, they can help you with this step. This may sound pretty technical, but it’s easier than you may think. This starts with a quick brainstorming session to come up with words or phrases that your potential clients would use to search for a construction professional. Here are a few examples for Honor:

  • Veteran-owned construction

  • Grand Rapids construction

  • Construction management

  • West Michigan builder

After coming up with an extensive list, we’d use these specific words or phrases throughout our website. This helps Google rank our website based on the words included on our platforms.

Be Active On Your Site

It may not always seem essential, but having a current website is crucial— it proves your credibility, attracts potential clients, and sets you apart from competitors. If you haven’t overhauled your website since 2010, it’s time to make that a priority.

If your website is relatively new, it’s important to update your site content on a regular basis. This includes posting helpful blog posts, updating your portfolio with your most recent work, and making sure all of your site information is current. Potential clients who find you online are more likely to book with you when your site is easy to use and understand. Think of your website as a “digital billboard” for your business— you’d want a public advertisement to accurately depict your business and the value you provide to your clients.

We understand the demands of working in construction— it’s easy to let your website sit on the back burner, but take this as your sign to make it a priority! You’ll have new leads contacting you in no time.


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