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A Guide to Honor

At Honor Construction, we take pride in what we do and how far we’ve come. As we surpass the halfway point of 2022, we’re reflecting on our evolution and spotlighting what’s in process and what’s to come. Join us as we take a tour of all things Honor—the industries we work with, our current projects, and some of the latest news.

Our Industries:

As our company grows, so does the breadth of our work. From breweries to housing to hospitality, we provide a wide range of customer-focused construction solutions.

  • Breweries: In 2006, while working for a large construction manager in Kalamazoo, Michigan, our founder, Brad Laackman, supervised the building of one of Michigan’s very first large craft breweries. He found himself very quickly falling in love with the complex engineering required to build first-class breweries.

  • Hospitality: This industry has been the core of Honor for nearly all of the 13 years we’ve been in business. We have had the opportunity to work on several local restaurant projects, many of which were on tight budgets and timelines. Our SWAT team style of construction management made us an ideal partner, thanks to our ability and agility. We understand the importance of completing a building project on time and on budget—so you can get on to business as usual.

  • Housing: Our diverse talents and committed team allow us to provide the best services when it comes to our client’s construction needs. Whether it's a large commercial project or a small boutique apartment complex, our team at Honor has the experience and the knowledge to tackle any project. Our speed and agility delivers our clients a high-quality product, while keeping your investments top-of-mind.

  • Commercial: Large industrial space is in demand and calls for construction management that grasps all ramifications involved in renovating an old building. Our team understands the evolution of construction materials and practices—and works accordingly. Cleaning and abatement is just the beginning because we know that health and safety is your best long-term investment.

  • Nonprofits: When we work with local organizations, such as The Diatribe and Kids’ Food Basket, we invest a piece of our hearts and connect with our personal passions. Each cause is different and supporting these community pillars brings us credibility and allows us to create respectful collaborations between our competitors and our peers.

  • Cannabis: At Honor, we’re thrilled to be part of this growing industry. Like breweries, cannabis sites are an extension of the people who express their craft. We love being able to lean into the art form and terminology—and learn something new in the process.

Each industry is unique and requires our team to stay relevant with current trends and styles. We look forward to continuing and expanding in these areas in the coming months.

Though less of our focus these days, we also have plenty of experience in the Medical and Office arenas. You can learn more about all the industries we serve and our capabilities here.

Our Recent Projects:

We always have new and exciting projects that, we believe, are innovating our communities around the Midwest.

We’ve built plenty of breweries on Grand Rapids’ West Side, so we were well equipped when the husband and wife team behind Brewery Faison in Detroit came to us. Honor Construction converted a dilapidated warehouse into an anchor business in a once-ignored downtown neighborhood. While navigating the ins and outs of working with the city and utilities was a challenge, we were rewarded with a beautiful result that has really catalyzed the Cork Street area.

Building the first Noodle Pig is another project we’re honored to be involved in. This traditional Japanese ramen shop and boba bar is especially meaningful to us because it aligns with our values. For every bowl of ramen they sell, a portion goes to local, national, and international entities that fight hunger around the world. From a construction standpoint, we love sites where people gather—and we’re really drawn to the complexities of restaurant building, particularly with the kitchen being the centerpiece. From mitigating risk to working with the health department to venting and open flames, it’s tricky work, but it’s also gratifying.

If you’re in West Michigan—Muskegon and Grand Rapids especially—you’re all-too familiar with the housing shortage. Honor is working to be part of the solution with two new projects: Victory on West Leonard, with 120 units, and 280 Ann Street, with 44 apartments. Our goal is to create attainable, low-maintenance living options that directly and positively affect the community where we reside. We understand that housing is a necessity and it’s the basis of our economy to have a good, safe place to live.

Thanks to a $20M grant from the state, we’ve also begun work on phases two and three of the 17-acre Special Olympics Michigan Unified Sports and Inclusion Center campus, which will be the largest Special Olympics facility in the world. We’re continuing our partnership with Infusion Associates as well, with their ninth and tenth projects with Honor as they expand their treatment facilities in Michigan and beyond.

Urban Johnny’s and its nextdoor coffee, mocktail, and cocktail shop, Sip, is an additional development we’re proud to be taking on. This two-part project will be an upgrading of the salon to a larger space, plus construction of Sip, which will bring a lot of energy and diversity to this previously underserved corner in Alger Heights.

Our team builds relationships, not just buildings. When you work with Honor Construction, you’re not just another project—you’re our priority. If we haven’t learned your favorite band, restaurant, or vacation spot before your project is complete, we’ve missed the mark. Our completed projects showcase our attention to detail, trusted relationships, and years of experience in the industry.

In The News:

We were recently featured in MiBiz, showcasing our work and progress to diversify the market. The article covers the launch of our new Grand Rapids-based construction management firm, Isle Construction LLC, with cousins William Robinson and Jamiel Robinson, the CEO of Grand Rapids Area Black Businesses. Isle Construction plans to focus on a variety of markets, including municipal, retail, hospitality, medical, education institutions, cannabis, and multi-family housing. We currently have two projects slated to begin soon.

Our blog also offers thoughts on current trends and how the industry will be impacted. Most recently, we talked about Multifamily Developments in Michigan and What you Need to know about the Impact of Russian Sanctions Within the Construction World.

As we look back at our growth and accomplishments in 2022, we are most thankful for your continued support and projects. Curious about other ways we can work together? Let us know here.


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